U.S. Bar Admissions for Foreign Law Graduates and Foreign Lawyers

This book covers the subject of US bar admission for international law students, foreign law graduates, and foreign international lawyers. The subject of admission to the American bar is a complex and, at times, confusing subject, but this publication will unravel a lot of the confusion around US bar admission for international foreign law graduates and foreign lawyers. This publication can be purchased through or directly from the publisher at:

“Attorney Boora opens the informational door for international students, lawyers and attorneys and this book, U.S Bar Admissions, takes the guess work out of how to expand your legal career into the U.S. marketplace for foreign law students and foreign lawyers, providing excellent coverage and in-sight of the subject U.S. Bar Admissions.”

Honorable Joseph D. Slaven, Judge of the 23rd District Court, Michigan & Adjunct Professor of Law (teaching bar review subjects), Detroit Mercy School of Law, Michigan, co-author of the leading treatise Book of 9’s and 10’s and during his time was renowned as leading expert on Michigan bar exam appeals.